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Community Manager

Hello, Everyone

We are excited to share with you… drop 4 of the Community Welcome Center, focused on connecting.

After all, this is a community! You can connect with other community members right on this platform by using ‘@mentions’ in replies and comments. Or dm a Community member.


Connecting people and content in your conversations

As with other social media platforms, you can "@mention" other members to get their attention — whether you are asking for advice or want to bring them into the conversation. Read the detail on How do I “@mention” Community members and content in my posts?

Sometimes conversations need to be private. This is where the platform's private message feature is important and valuable. As you may have seen, I use it a lot to welcome new members to the community.  Read the article, How do I send a private message?


Where can I find the Welcome Center?

Check out the Welcome Center for yourself, from the top navigation under Groups.



Claudia Landivar and Ryan Paredez
AppDynamics Community Managers


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