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How do @mention links work in the Community?

“@mention” a community member to bring them into the discussion. You can  "@mention" content as well. Use this feature to link to individuals and content within your replies or posts anywhere in the Community just by typing “@” into the comment box.


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What happens when I “@mention” someone?

An “@mention” triggers a pair of notifications to the person: an alert within the Community, and an email (depending on their individual email settings). 

Community Alert

View Community alerts by clicking the bell icon in the top navigation.


  1. Click the bell icon on the right side of the top navigation.

  2. All your Community mentions are listed below the Notification feed heading. Mentions are indicated with an “@” icon.

  3. Click the message title to open the link.

Email notification

The @mention email notification displays:

  • the name of the person who mentioned you
  • the content you’ve been mentioned in
  • a direct link to that content in the Community

NOTE | If you have limited or disabled email notifications, incoming "@mention" email notifications may be delayed or not sent at all. 

See your notification settings on the My Settings page.


What are the steps to using “@mention” functionality?

You can “@mention” a person or content within a post, comment, or reply. This holds true anywhere in the Community, whether in the Discussion forums, Knowledge Base, or Idea Exchange.

  1. In the text field, type “@”. A list will appear showing users who have contributed to the conversation, followed by your own most recent content contributions.

  2. Click the user or content option you want from the list.

    Don’t see who you want? As you continue to type, the list will refresh to match what you’ve typed in the field. When you select your option, the user or content will be inserted, and the list will close.

  3. For each person and content reference you want to include in your post, repeat steps 1 and 2 — e.g., type another “@” for each link you want to include.

  4. Complete your message, then click the Post button.

    NOTE | Don’t forget your other editing controls to refine and check your message before posting!


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