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Community Manager

Hello everyone, 

Woot! The second set of badges is going live today! This round focuses on celebrating key activities that let others know we appreciate their curiosity and knowledge when they start discussions, reply to discussions, give kudos to others, and author forum solutions.

These badges mostly focus on what happens in the Forums. An exception is that members can Kudo any piece of content, letting the author know you liked it.  

This badge release includes:

  • Answer Architect (Solutions Authored)
  • Endorsed Expert (Kudos Received)
  • Recognition Advocate (Kudos Giver)
  • Discussion Developer (Forum Poster)
  • Reply Engineer (Forum Replies)


Where can I see my Badges?

You’ll get a Community notification as you receive each of these badges. Under the bell icon, you’ll see your badges included under your chronological notification listing. Depending on your settings, you should also get an email for each badge.

You can visit your Community Profile page at any time and, in the top right corner, you’ll see a list of your five most recently earned badges. You can see anyone’s badges on their profile page.

To see all of the badges you have earned and even the ones you have not yet earned, click on “View all badges”. 

screenshot showing Community profile page and badgesscreenshot showing Community profile page and badges

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