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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Signing off

Hello, AppDynamics Community!

After nearly five years of steering content design and direction here, it’s bittersweet for me to announce that I’ll be signing off as your Community Manager & Editor today, Monday, April 15.

The journey

Under my stewardship, our Knowledge Base and News & Announcement areas have grown in reach, accessibility, and utility. We’ve crafted detailed articles and FAQs, spearheaded roundups, and launched series and topical spaces. I take pride in our collective effort to make complex information easier to navigate and understand. It's been a journey marked by continuous learning and shared achievements, and I'm grateful to have played a part in that.

Transition and continuity

I know I leave this community in the best of hands. Working together, we’ve shepherded the community through many changes, some more externally visible than others. Time and experience have only reinforced my admiration for Ryan Paredez's dedication to fostering and protecting this community. Rest assured, you couldn't ask for a better advocate. I’m confident that Community will continue to thrive and grow with his ideas and under his continued care.

There have been—and will continue to be—contributions by so many colleagues over the years. I’d like to highlight ongoing engagement by Aaron Schifman, Hannah Raikes, Joe Catera, and Johanna Au, who have been instrumental in the journey so far and will continue to collaborate closely with Ryan. Their diverse talents and shared commitment to our mission ensure that Community remains in capable and caring hands. 

Together, they form a formidable team that will carry forward the legacy we’ve built, driving innovation and engagement in exciting new directions.

Looking back

Reflecting on our time together, I'm proud of the knowledge we've cultivated and the challenges we've overcome. I've always aimed to ensure our content was not just informative, but also engaging, findable, and usable. I hope you’ve felt the impact of these efforts.

Your voices matter

Your insights and participation are what truly “make” this community. I encourage you to keep driving it forward with your insights and active participation. Your feedback is a powerful tool for improvement. What resonates with you? What could make our community even more valuable to you? To others?

So long, with gratitude

I thank you for making this journey so rewarding. As I transition to new adventures, I carry the lessons learned and connections made here. I’d love to stay connected with your doings! Feel free to reach out and connect with me on LinkedIn. Meantime, here's to all of our continued success and innovation, here and beyond. 

Warm regards,
Claudia Landivar (Cody)