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Take part in evaluating the latest data security capabilities for protecting Snowflake and AWS S3 datastores

We are looking for candidates to take part in our upcoming Cloud Data Security Beta, to be held from February 6 to February 28, 2024. 

The program will evaluate the product capabilities of the new Data Security module and is focused on the following use cases in Snowflake and AWS S3 Datastores:

Where is my data? 

  • Discover all data stores and data entities 
  • Classification of sensitive data in the data stores 

Who is
accessing my data?

  • Understand which users, roles and applications are accessing your data and who have access to PII data. 

attempt detection

  • Detect attempts to exfiltrate data and provide event correlation and diagnostics to remediate it using Generative AI technologies 

Detect unused and siloed data assets 

  • Detect siloed (unused) data entities, dormant users, and unencrypted buckets 

Shrink Wrap
Access Controls

  • Detect unused privileges and enable least privilege access on your data stores. 


Interested? Read on for the requirements and onboarding process. 


Beta Requirements 

Qualified participants are Cisco AppDynamics customers who meet the following criteria for either Snowflake, or AWS S3 Object Store: 

Cloud Data Security Beta program
Snowflake Deployment Requirements 

Database Role Create a new role or use an existing role that has read access to “snowflake.account_usage” views.
Database User Create a new user or use an existing user that is assigned to the above database role
Warehouse Create a new warehouse or use an existing warehouse to run the queries—preferably of “medium” size. The above role should have access to this warehouse. Creating a new warehouse is recommended as it helps monitor the snowflake costs to use this solution. 
Network Access Network access from COP to Snowflake instance. Whitelist IP addresses of COP to allow collectors on COP to create SQL connections to execute SQL queries.
Optional To enable data classification based on data in the tables, this role should have read access to those tables.


Cloud Data Security Beta program
AWS S3 Object Store Requirements

Access  At a minimum, ListObjects access to S3 buckets
Privileges • Privilege to run Athena queries
• Privilege to access Macie Findings


How do I get started with this Beta? 

To participate in the Cloud Data Security Beta on Cisco Cloud Observability Platform, reach out to 


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