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Hello everyone,

We have some exciting product news to share with you about how Cisco and Splunk are integrating for Full-Stack Observability

A Foundation for a Unified Observability Journey

New unified experiences across Cisco and Splunk observability products enable better efficiency and accuracy in troubleshooting hybrid environments that span traditional and modern applications, as well as owned and unowned networks. The new single sign-on (SSO) credentials help simplify and streamline shared workflows between Cisco AppDynamics and Splunk, enabling customers to better access the right data. The introduction of context-aware deep linking enables Cisco AppDynamics customers to seamlessly transition to relevant logs in the Splunk Platform as part of their troubleshooting workflow, leading to heightened productivity and faster Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) across solutions.

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Splunk Log Observer Connect for Cisco AppDynamics

Combines the power of Splunk Platform with Cisco AppDynamics APM to drive faster, in-context troubleshooting across on-prem and hybrid environments. This integration enables both SaaS and on-premises customers to seamlessly analyze relevant logs when troubleshooting application performance issues, for increased accuracy, efficiency and faster MTTR.

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Cisco AI Assistant for Cisco AppDynamics

Integrated into the AppDynamics Help Center, the new AI Assistant uses generative AI technology with selectable personalities that tailor responses to diverse levels of knowledge or skill sets. Users are empowered with meaningful guidance and insights to make informed, intelligent decisions faster and more accurately than ever before.

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Cisco AppDynamics on Microsoft Azure

Expansion of cloud-hosted observability offerings now brings Cisco AppDynamics APM services to SaaS-hosted Microsoft Azure, fostering the support of multi-cloud strategies across new regions. The new offering enables organizations to streamline workflows, minimize cloud vendor lock-in and observe what’s most important — while maintaining compliance with industry-specific regulatory requirements.

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Introducing New Splunk Integrations and AI Innovations for Cisco AppDynamics

Join us this month as we discuss the new Splunk integrations for Cisco AppDynamics that streamline workflows, improve productivity, and accelerate Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Remediation (MTTR).

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