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AppDynamics Team

Congratulations AppDynamics certification recipients, March 2022

We proudly present the March 2022 cohort of candidates who have attained technical certification. The individuals listed here have invested time to advance their careers with these outstanding achievements, attaining a new AppDynamics certification, or extending their existing qualifications. 

This month, we also congratulate recipients of AppDynamics’ Qualified Systems Engineering Masters accreditation, which includes AppDynamics Partner Program learning map completion via Cisco Black Belt Academy as well as AppDynamics technical certification.Finally, read about AppDynamics certification paths, as well as new opportunities associated with our certification badge family.

Congratulations again to our certified community!
— Graeme Johnston, Head of Certification


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Meet AppDynamics’ certification recipients, March 2022

NOTE | The rosters list recipients in alphabetical order, by surname. Click the certification heading link to open its corresponding qualification page.


AppDynamics Certified Associate Performance Analyst 

This qualification is for candidates who use our technology to monitor their applications, systems, and business processes.

Zaheer Carrim Damian Lisewski David Palmer
Stefan Froelich Subrat Kumar Nayak Zakaria Taghy
Yathish Kumar    


AppDynamics Certified Associate Administrator 

This qualification is for technicians who manage their AppDynamics environment.

Sankar Alkondan Lakshmi Kavya Mahesh Shukla
Hiroki Ito Yathish Kumar* Dhanish Sudalaimani


AppDynamics Certified Implementation Professional 

This qualification is for senior technical resources who deploy and configure AppDynamics on-premises installations. Often, AppDynamics partners pursue this certification.

Simon Cernak

Yathish Kumar*

Rob Ruddell

Hari Kishan



Special congratulations to Yathish Kumar for having attained all three AppDynamics professional certifications.

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Systems Engineering Masters Accreditation –  Special congratulations to the inaugural recipients!

This month also marks the first recipients of AppDynamics’ Qualified Systems Engineering Masters accreditation.

These candidates have fully met their AppDynamics Partner Program Stage 1 and 2 learning map obligations via the Cisco Black Belt Academy, and have successfully combined it with an AppDynamics Certification, to earn this new qualification.

Hearty congratulations to the March 2022 cohort:

Cenk Akinoğlu

Kadir Can Gultepe

Ali Erdem Solmaz

Jean Blanc

Wayne Hung

Misho Tonevski

Edward Chen

Udit Jain

Bojan Zivancevic

Julien Egron

Cansel Özcan


Fabio Fratesi



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What certifications does AppDynamics offer?

AppDynamics offers three industry-recognized role-based certification tracks. Thinking about working toward your own AppDynamics certification? Want a new challenge to recognize your expertise? Learn more about AppDynamics technical certifications on the program page at

Or delve right into the individual certification tracks, including requirements and individual preparation guides for each:

AppDynamics Certified Associate Performance Analyst Candidates who use our technology to monitor their applications, systems, and business processes
AppDynamics Certified Associate Administrator Technicians who manage their AppDynamics environment.
AppDynamics Certified Implementation Professional  Senior technical resources who deploy and configure AppDynamics on-premises installations. Often, AppDynamics partners pursue this certification.

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Show your AppDynamics recognized accomplishments with digital badges

Our Credly-backed digital badges include artifacts you can use on mail signatures, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles to showcase accomplishments and functional knowledge. Digital badges are created for

both technical certifications and learning plan recognition. 


To date, we have issued over two thousand Core APM accreditations and more than 4,500 badges in total. Congratulations!


Are you a current AppDynamics certification holder?

If you hold a current AppDynamics certification, you should already have received guidance, via Credly, on how to claim use of your certification badges. Read the details in the Introducing our new AppDynamics Technical Certification badges FAQ article, in the AppDynamics University Group. 


Have you completed a linked AppDynamics learning plan?

These new AppDynamics University learning plans have been designed to show your mastery and comprehension level, consistent with specific job function-centered objectives. Once you have successfully completed one of these linked learning plans, you become eligible to use the associated Credly-backed Learning Recognition badge.


Read the details in our Introducing AppDynamics Learning Recognition badges FAQ article.

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