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iOS Agent incompatibility with Alamofire

Renato.Lo Giudice
New Poster

Hi all,

I noticed a problem with last version of your iOS agent framework (2023.1.0). There is an incompatibility with Alamofire that cause a runtime crash during a network request.

I had to downgrade to version 2022.5.0 to solve the problem.


Shaiju.Melarkod Kalathil
AppDynamics Team

Thank you for sharing your feedback .We are generally considered incompatible with Alamofire and other direct competitors to use, in particular those that report crashes.

Hi Shaiju, thank you for your reply. In this link, Alamofire is indicated as a supported HTTP library.

Thank you for sharing the reference to supported libraries .Our engineering team is looking into this issue,meanwhile i would recommend  continue using version 2022.5.0 to solve the problem.