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Can't monitor .NET framework 3.5 application

Hi Team,We have installed dotNetAgentSetup64- in my machine. And we are trying to profiler .NET framework 3.5 application. Early my application working fine without any issue but after installing appDynamics .NET agent it got some issues....

Process memory usage

 Hi Monitoring services written in .NET with appdynamics, at some point we got a problem with high CPU usage and we when looking at the node-dashboard and the server info the part showing the processes shows memory usages above 100% for some processe...


Azure functions v4 with .NET 6

I have azure function app with .NET 6 and widnows OS. I have written azure functions using v4. Also installed extension on my function app. Still it is not monitoring my functions.This is the reference link I followed.

Monitor local .NET application

Hello,I am new in the area of application performance monitoring and I would like to test functions of AppDynamics on locally running .NET desktop application.I download the .NET agent, but I do not know how to go through the controller configuration...