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Api AppDynamics Agent doesn't work on MAUI

Hi,After installing the appdynamics agent API in MAUI on Visual Studio 2022 Preview the project does not compile but in xamarin.forms it does.The error it gives me is this:Error AMM0000 Attribute application@appComponentFactory value=(androidx.core.a...

.net app agent isn't reporting BT data

Hi, I am getting this error, can anyone help? WARN ManagedMonitorDelegate - Metric Reporter Queue full. Dropping metrics. ^ Post edited by @Ryan.Paredez this post was split off into its own new post because it was a reply to a post that was over two ...

.Net agent upgrade for windows servers

Hi,   I am looking to upgrade the AppDynamics .Net agent to the latest version on the Windows server during the windows patching activity. There should not be any downtime to restart IIS. So I should configure all the parameters before the restart ti...

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Capturing log message from ILogger

The documenation says that loggers that implement ILogger are supported, but no where does it describe how to capture those messages.  Our on-prem controller is version 21.4 and our agents are all 22.1 or later.  We have the .net Microsoft.Extensions...

Machine agent shows error Error injecting constructor, java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/fileupload/FileUploadException

Machine agent log shows error as below. We have restarted the machine agent and the issue still persists. Can someone help in fixing this? [system-thread-0] 07 Mar 2022 00:20:17,926 INFO SimAgentRepetitiveLoggingModule - The turnover time for the SIM...