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Azure functions v4 with .NET 6

I have azure function app with .NET 6 and widnows OS. I have written azure functions using v4. Also installed extension on my function app. Still it is not monitoring my functions.This is the reference link I followed.

Monitor local .NET application

Hello,I am new in the area of application performance monitoring and I would like to test functions of AppDynamics on locally running .NET desktop application.I download the .NET agent, but I do not know how to go through the controller configuration...

Getter Chain on Data Collector

Two things!1)I've created a Data Collector which collects data from "Method Parameter @index: 1" from the below.I'm getting an array with the data collected and as I understand it I need to configure a Getter Chain to get single items as results - ho...

Resolved! Using extensions with APM machine agents

Extension setup information here and here reference additional notes for the APM Machine Agent Installation Scenario. This link is broken. If it still exists, how do I install extensions for APM Machine Agents and where is the instructions?