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Getter Chain on Data Collector


Two things!

I've created a Data Collector which collects data from "Method Parameter @index: 1" from the below.
I'm getting an array with the data collected and as I understand it I need to configure a Getter Chain to get single items as results - how do I do this!?

final native public IResult`1 CreateCard(
Int32 customerId
, Int32 abc
, UInt32 from
, UInt32 to
, UInt32[] zones
, System.DateTime fromDate
, System.DateTime toDate
, System.String transactionId

Is it possible to create a Data Collector which collects both the result and the parameter(s)?


Community Manager

Hi @Henrik.Juul,

Have you already checked out the documentation for Getter Chain?



Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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I don't know if this helps, but we have several data collectors GETting data from lists, not arrays.  It took us awhile to figure out the syntax, but here is an example of a getter chain with a reference to an item in a list, that works...


The 'get(int/0)' part is the part in the list.  In the getter above, there are 2.

Hope that helps.

Greg Bukrhea


For the second part... 'can you collect both the results and the parameters...'

You can collect multiple values in one data collector.  You can use getters, or return values, etc.  You have have to have a individual entry in the data collector for each one, though. So if you have 2 parameters, 0 and 1, you would have to have 2 entries.

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