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NET (Agent, Installation)

Azure .NET App Service Troubleshooting

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Azure .NET App Service Troubleshooting

I did a fresh install of the Azure Site Extension AppDynamics.WindowsAzure.SiteExtension.4.5.Release.4.5.7.nupkg .   I followed the instructions here:


The site extension isnt communicating with my controller (SaaS trial).  I opened up Kudu and I found a log in the App Dynamics Folder:



I am not sure what that means and where to go from here.

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Azure .NET App Service Troubleshooting
AppDynamics Team

Hi Brandon, 

Thanks for trying AppDynamics azurer site extension. The message in your screenshot is normal and harmless. In this message, agent is not initializing for scm worker process, which is expected. 

Regarding agent not reporting anything, can you provide some more details-


  • Do we have load on the applicatioin
  • Do we have COR or Auth enabled for the webapp?

You can export diagnostic dump from kudu console and attach here so we can take a look. 






I experienced the same problem. I have configured my Azure App Extension, to Communicate with my Saas controller, as described in the documentation (, but the extension doesn't connect to my controller. I found out that the "Validation" always reports success, even when I type in a random access key.


How do I troubleshoot this ??? 

AppDynamics Team

Hi  Per.Bastholm, 


The "Validation" button only validate the format of json provided. Please make sure,

  • use the correct access key. 
  • restart webapp from portal 
  • generate load for webapp

You can troubleshoot by checking agent logs, located at /Home/LogFiles/AppDynamics