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.net app agent isn't reporting BT data

.net app agent was working fine, but after restarting the application, not all the service are instrumented in the controller & no BTs have any calls   when checked the .net app agent logs, found it contain many warnings as follow:   2020-01-12 14:02...

Object Instance Tracking for .NET have a 64 bit Windows OS but a 32 bit application and the Agent install for dotNetAgentSetup- isn't letting us install.  Is there a work-around?  

Centralized config management

Hi,   Can anyone speak to the challenge of maintaining configurations across a large number of apps and servers?  I am wondering if anyone has created a tool to maintain a data-driven solution to config management. I have over 800 applications in one...

Resolved! .net core microservices agent question

Sorry, but I'm brand new to this type of installation.  Is the .net core microservices agent install all that is necessary to instrument that particular application on that particular server, or is a standard .NET agent install necessary first?  If t...

Rename Standalone Application Node Name

Hello allI'm monitoring application services from a customer and I need to manually configure the name nodes for each service.I was able to change the name on the UI but I want this change to be permanent.The problem is that I have more than 20 exe f...

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