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Resolved! How the APM Any Language Agent Works?

Hi All,   I would like to understand, how exactly the APM Any Language Agent based license works. From the Pricing FAQ, the APM license units are priced by agent and the APM Any Language allows us to switch between languages. These license are found ...

Resolved! License Usage for Database agents

With the latest AppDynamics, how do we get the license usage per collector /per DB Type ? looks like a bug, since license usage for collector was visible on controller UI upto 4.2.x version, but it is not available anymore. only cumulative consumptio...

License limitation

We have three appdynamics servers: One in cloud infrastructureOne in transition environmentOne in deloitte managed cloud infrastructure Is there any way we can consolidate one license file so we can use in all 3 environments please let us know .   Th...

Resolved! EUM license failed error

I woud appriciate if anyone can help me. I licensed EUM license but, it failed. lisence file is in it.property_eum-account-name=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-a0Q34000002q5JSEAY  (masked) is license file bad? or any reason? -----------------------------------------...

Resolved! Pro to Lite error

while upgrading from Pro to lite license , we are getting below error   Agent license request denied. Agent type: java-app-agent; Node: BRjvm1; Application: BR; Host: QKSAM1234; License Rule: Default; Reason: License limit hit for account  

Resolved! License limitation

Hi, I'm new to here and have a question about license. My customer is planning to purchase 40 licenses for their Java application servers. Actually, they have over 40 servers in their production environment. It's around 60.   As far as I know, I can ...