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License file not issued for 15 days trial


License file not issued for 15 days trial


I have installed Enterprise console and got controller and event service installed in my machine. I have also got the java agent and started it successfully. But agent is unable to connect to controller. 


I have checked the agent logs and found the below line regarding license which i think is causing this issue.


[AD Thread Pool-Global1] 24 Nov 2018 22:56:52,129  WARN ConfigurationChannel - ResponseReadException creating Response Wrapper [g], : Error in controller in processing binary request AppAgent Config Data  - Agent license request denied. Agent type: Java; Host: Chandu; Reason: No license available


I haven't got license file in any of email and i checked in spam folder also. COuld you please send me the license file so that i can try the application.







License file not issued for 15 days trial

Re: License file not issued for 15 days trial

Chandu, our records show that you started a SaaS trial and a welcome email was sent with information about how to login on Nov-20. A SaaS trial doesn't require that you install Enterprise Console or Controller on your machine, and that's why you weren't provided with a license file. All you need to do is navigate to your SaaS tenant (you should have that in your email) and follow instructions there.