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Preparatory steps to getting started with AppDynamics SaaS Controller


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How do I access AppDynamics for the first time?

Your company’s primary contact will receive a welcome email from the SaaS Operations or Sales team. It will include your AppDynamics Controller URL. Your primary contact will be able to follow the link and create new user accounts for the Controller, giving access to others in your organization.


How do I set up my AppDynamics Master Account?

The same email includes the instructions your primary contact will need to set up your AppDynamics Controller. The areas are:

  • Resetting your master account credentials
  • Setting up your company’s users
  • Viewing license consumption


How do I reset my Master account credentials on an AppDynamics SaaS account?

The following instructions are specific to SaaS accounts:

  1. Look for the Master account name in the welcome email and make not of it
  2. Navigate to the Controller URL, also provided in that email
  3. Click on Forgot Password
  4. Enter the Master account name in both the username and account name fields, then click the Reset Password button

    Controller URL's "Forgot Password" dialog, where you enter your Master Account name in the Account and Username fieldsController URL's "Forgot Password" dialog, where you enter your Master Account name in the Account and Username fieldsThrough the Reset Password process, the SaaS URL link will be sent to the primary contact’s email address. 

After the primary contact resets the password, you will be able to add AppDynamics users. Go to your Controller URL and navigate to Settings -> Administration and Add AppDynamics users.

NOTE | Looking for how to reset passwords for individual accounts that have been created in the AppDynamics controller? See How do I reset my individual password for the Controller


Set up your company’s users

Your Master Account is granted the status of Account Owner (Default). This role allows access to all other roles on the Controller. To learn more about Controller roles and their privileges, see Roles and Permissions.


View license consumption?

To check your license consumption:

  1. Click the gear icon on the top right navigation bar
  2. Click License
  3. See your license consumption on the Account Usage tab
    Under the gear icon, click "License" . Your license consumption is found under Account Usage.Under the gear icon, click "License" . Your license consumption is found under Account Usage.

What are the prerequisites for setting up my network ports for Controller connection?

In order to set up your Controller connection, the following ports need to be open:

Application servers

Application servers may need to find APM Agents, application-related agents, and DB agents. Both the APM agents and the DB agents need open ports to send out the data to the SaaS AppDynamics controller.

Open Outbound Ports 443 from all application servers/database to AppDynamics controller, allowing the agents to send data out

Javascript beacons

Our Javascript Agent (adrum.js) sends the beacons as POST requests to these EUM server endpoints, which reside on the EUM server. So, if on an intranet, your networks need connectivity to reach the following endpoints:

Analytics Server Access

The analytics server needs outbound network access from the applications server to the analytics endpoint


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