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What happens if I delete a license rule?

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Deleting a Default License Rule

  1. If there is only 1 license rule (e.g. the default), deleting it will take the License Management back to a state when license rules never existed.
  2. Existing agents will not be impacted since they will start reporting using the account level access key.
  3. If you have multiple license rules (1 default and multiple custom) and you delete the default rule, you will not be able to recreate it until you delete all other rules.
  4. If you would like to, you can click on "Create Rules" blue button. It will create a new default rule with same access key as that of the account level access key.


Deleting a Custom License Rule

  1. Deleting and recreating a custom license rule will not retrieve the old access key back, even if the name is same. This is due to the fact that access keys are generated dynamically at runtime.


For additional information about license rules, see: What are license rules and how do they work?

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