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We have released the v4.5.11 Controller and Enterprise Console (actual date July 8), and v4.5.12 Controller and Enterprise Console (actual date July 31). Below are key product enhancements, recent agent updates and resolved issues in the month of July.


Please note: customers are advised to check backward compatibility in the Agent and Controller Compatibility documentation


What highlights should I know about?

These release highlights include the newest features and capabilities at-a-glance this month. In the grid below, we’ve flagged who may be most interested or impacted in your organization by each enhancement.


User and Performance
Admin and Implementer

Cloud-Native /

Serverless APM for AWS Lambda is now generally available



Updated agent API package




Network Agent REST APIs Default Settings Updated




Custom HTTP Discovery Rules for .NET Agent for Linux



AIOps Platform

Boolean Health Rules




Serverless APM for AWS Lambda is now generally available

We're delighted to announce that AppDynamics Serverless APM, which supports instrumenting AWS Lambda applications and microservices in Java, is now available to our SaaS customers through the AWS Marketplace.

Serverless APM for AWS Lambda is generally available for SaaS Controllers, version 4.5.11 and later. Serverless APM requires a subscription through AWS Marketplace. 


To learn more, read AppDynamics Provides Comprehensive Observability through Serverless APM for AWS Lambda.


Updated agent API package

See, Java API User Guide for more details on the common use cases for the API. 


Network Agent REST APIs Default Settings Updated

The REST APIs for Network Agent version 4.5.7 or earlier are bound to all available network interfaces. With agent version 4.5.8, the REST APIs are by default bound to the localhost only. You can change this configuration using 'webservice_ip' parameter in the agent_config.lua file. This affects the docker and Kubernetes deployment of the Network Agent.


For more information, see: Network Visibility with Kubernetes - Creating a Docker Image

Install the Network Agent in a Docker Container


Custom HTTP Discovery Rules for .NET Agent for Linux

This release brings the .NET Agent for Linux closer to parity with the .NET Agent for Windows by providing a feature preview for HTTP backend detection and naming using Custom HTTP Discovery Rules.

  • Configure the .NET Agent for Linux to detect HTTP backends using URI segments, instead of detecting and naming the backend using the default autodiscovery rules that identify the backend based solely on the Host and Port.
  • Using Custom HTTP Discovery rules is especially useful to detect and name HTTP backends behind an API gateway or portal.
  • Defining the HTTP backend based on the URL segments in the Custom HTTP Discovery rule enables AppDynamics to resolve the HTTP backends to tiers properly, giving you accurate metrics for your API services.


See HTTP Backend Detection and .NET Backend Detection.


Boolean Expression to Evaluate Health Rule Conditions 

You can now define a boolean expression using AND and OR operators to evaluate complex health rule conditions for entities in your application. The health rule is considered to violate if the boolean expression evaluates to 'true'. 


The advantages of using a boolean expression are: 

  • reduces the need to create multiple health rules to monitor various performance metrics. It allows you to evaluate complex criteria for multiple conditions in one go 
  • well-calibrated boolean expression ensures reduced false alerts 
  • easy to create and maintain health rules with complex evaluation criteria using simple condition names. Conditions are named as A, B, C and so on 
  • allows the use of AND and OR operators to define a highly complex expression comprising a maximum of 8 conditions 


For more information, see Health Rule Conditions and Configure Health Rule Conditions.





Resolved Issues

Here is a list of key issues that were resolved this month: 


  • “Invocation Trace” is blank when navigating to “Snapshot > Slow calls and errors > Hotspots” (APMPLAT-12074)


  • Custom POJO rules not working with agent version 4.5.8 (JAVA-5837)


  • Highcharts are displaying graphs time in UTC instead of customer’s time zone (UIPLATF-7108)


  • Case sensitivity naming of “primary” and “secondary” in high availability (HA) deployments causes a NullPoint exception when Enterprise Console executes a job (ECONSOLE-4677)
  • The JAR file ‘mysql-timezone-util.jar’ throws the error “Cannot determine system time zone.” when calling systemTimezone.getId() (PLATCPS-10919)
  • Machine agent continues to monitor Non-APM containers when “sim.docker.monitorAPMContainersOnly” flipped to true (SERVER-6266)

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