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In February, we released the v4.5.7 Controller and Enterprise Console. Below are key enhancements and resolved issues associated with this latest version, as well as recent Agent updates (if the Agent is not v4.5.7 it is noted below). Please check our Agent and Controller Compatibility documentation to see which Agents are backwards compatible.


What are the highlights I should know about?

These release highlights will guide you through the newest features and capabilities. Notice in the grid below that each feature enhancement identifies most interested or impacted users.


Feature Enhancement

User and



Admin and



Application Performance Monitoring Support for New PHP Frameworks

IIS In-Process Hosting for ASP.NET Core 2.2  
.NET Agent for Linux Enhancements  
End User Monitoring Mobile Agent Version Scheme   ✓ 
Enhanced Performance and Scale for IoT Dashboards  
IoT Monitoring License Provisioning and Display    
Business Transaction Correlation for the Fetch API  
Database Visibility Support for Azure SQL Managed Instance

Integrations SAP v4.5.19.02
Extensions NGINX and NGINX Plus Extension Upgrades  



Support for New PHP Frameworks

PHP Agent v4.5.7 adds out-of-the-box transaction naming support for the Laravel and CakePHP 3.x frameworks. With these additions, owners of applications built with all of the popular PHP frameworks and any current version of the PHP runtime can experience AppDynamics' famous time-to-value and end-to-end Business Transaction monitoring. Read the full documentation for a complete list of PHP supported environments.


IIS In-Process Hosting for ASP.NET Core 2.2

.NET Agent v4.5.8 supports IIS in-process hosting for ASP.NET Core 2.2. This enables you to monitor your .NET Core applications running on the latest .NET Core release, whether they are running in Azure or on-premise. 


.NET Agent for Linux Enhancements

Analyze data collected from the .NET Agent for Linux (v4.5.8) and create business monitoring dashboards to better understand your .NET Core applications with Transaction Analytics. AppDynamics will also automatically detect and monitor backend calls to Redis using the stackexchange library on .NET Core for Linux. We are working hard on extending out-of-the-box visibility with every release.


Mobile Agent Version Scheme

We’ve updated our Mobile Agent version scheme so we can deliver releases to you faster. Use our Mobile Agents with the recommended minimum Controller and EUM Server versions for optimal performance and access to the Agent’s latest features. Read the full documentation for details.


Enhanced Performance and Scale for IoT Dashboards

We’ve improved the speed at which the IoT pages and widgets load in the Controller so your dashboards can load in just seconds.


IoT Monitoring License Provisioning and Display

In v4.5.6, we added IoT license consumption to the Controller License page. In v4.5.7, we enhanced the screen even further to include license overages, color coding based on usage, and IoT Peak entitlements. This will provide a more accurate representation of the IoT license usage. Read the full documentation for details.


Business Transaction Correlation for the Fetch API

Gain an added layer of visibility into your browser application performance with Business Transaction correlation for Ajax requests made with the Fetch API. 


Support for Azure SQL Managed Instance

Gain insight into your Azure SQL Managed Instance with AppDynamics Database Visibility. Starting in v4.5.7, you can configure Microsoft SQL Server Collectors to monitor events in Azure SQL. Read the full documentation for details.


SAP v4.5.19.02

Several enhancements were added in v4.5.19.02, including:

  • Improved JavaScript Agent injection for Fiori for End User Monitoring
  • Export/Import functionality for ABAP Agent connection settings and instrumentation rules
  • Support for SAP PI 7.40 (Java single-stack only) 

Read the complete SAP release notes for details.


NGINX and NGINX Plus Extension Upgrades

We’ve upgraded the extension to support all NGINX versions and NGINX Plus R13 version and onwards.


See What’s Coming! Join a BETA today

We’re currently running a BETA program and we’re looking for new participants:


Resolved Issues

As part of 4.5.7, we addressed multiple product issues in order to create an improved customer experience. A complete list of resolved issues is available in the complete release notes. Below is a list of key issues that were resolved:


Language Agents

  • Getting "500 Internal exception" when trying to close the criteria Performance data (APMPLAT-9265)
  • Sort by count broken on All Other Traffic modal (APMPLAT‑10368)
  • Collection interval for getting Thread Dumps is broken (APMPLAT-10451)
  • .NET Microservice agent for Linux causes application exception when Analytics is enabled (DOTNET‑3574)
  • Agent does not mark snapshot as error (JAVA-5019)


On-Premise Platform and App iQ Platform

  • Nullpointer from snapshot when embedded flag is set to false (PLATCPS-8848)
  • Incorrect Controller DB user password validation error message (ECONSOLE-4305)
  • Metric tree event handler should be before health rule event handlers (METADATA-5729)
  • NPE when loading ADD by ID (METADATA-5813)
  • .NET nodes display Flex Java page instead of .NET memory metrics page (UIPLATF-5895)



  • Query statistics spike once every 12 hours for DB2, SQL Server, and Oracle with database agent versions above 4.4.4 (DBMON-4396)



  • When adding a milestone to a new Business Journey, type hangs on "Fetching Data" (ANALYTICS-9575)
  • License account usage displays incorrect count of consumed and provisioned licenses in transaction analytics (ANALYTICS-10240)


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