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In August, v23.8.x enhancements included FSO Platform Developer Support, *Cloud Native Application ObservabilitySaaS Controller and Agent enhancements—including SAP Agent updates, and On-premises Controller upgrades.

*Now, Cisco Cloud Observability 11/27/2023

In this article… 


What new product enhancements are there this month?

In this article, each product enhancement highlights section below will include links to the referenced Release Notes page. Where available, links to the specific version will be included.

ENHANCEMENT HIGHLIGHTS FOR: FSO | Cloud Native Application Observability |  
| Agent | SaaS Controller | On-premises Controller

Full-Stack Observability (FSO), Developer Support

NOTE | There is no FSO Platform release for August 2023. For Developer Support, see the 23.8 FSO Platform Developer Support Release Notes, which includes details regarding the highlights below.

FSO Enhancements 

  • Access Management is live 
  • New expressionVersion field available in the HealthRules template, expression version language 2. See Health Rules Schema in the FSO Developers Documentation. 

NOTE | Health Rules language v1 is now deprecated 

  • FSO Query Service API was updated to v1.3.0, and several fields were added 


FSOC Updates 

NOTE | FSOC has switched to golang v 1.20. If you are building it locally, you must upgrade. 

New commands include: 

  • fsoc config delete deletes a context from the fsoc config file 
  • fsoc optimize servo-logs retrieves logs for currently running Servo agents 
  • fsoc version recognizes locally built versions 
  • fsoc knowledge get supports paginated results 
  • fsoc solution status provides faster, parallel retrieval of status 
  • fsoc melt supports typed attributes 
  • fsoc optimize supports events, recommendations, and solution isolation 
  • fsoc optimize delete offboards a given optimizer from optimizing its target workload, removes the configuration, frees up resources 
  • Some fsoc solution commands have improved solution isolation support through the entype parameter 


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Cloud Native Application Observability enhancement highlights

NOTE | See the Cloud Native Application Observability Release Notes page for a complete list of enhancements in August 2023. 

App root cause analysis with Anomaly Detection 

GA 23.8.23 
August 25, 2023 

For entities related to BTs and Services: When you click the Anomaly Detection event on an entity’s Health Violation timeline, the anomaly call paths are now highlighted on the Flow map. 

On the Flow map, easily trace call paths and examine suspected anomaly causes. 

Business metrics for Business Transactions 

GA 23.8.23 
August 25, 2023

Visualize business insights to understand impact  

Configure additional metrics—such as Average Cart Value, Total Carts Sold, and Total Cart Value—to visually correlate performance issues to business impacts, and perform segment analysis. 

Cloud Services Expansion 

GA 23.8.23 
August 25, 2023 

We now support monitoring the following cloud services  

  • AWS DMS  
  • More Azure services, including MariaDB (single server) 
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) App Engine 

Create and favorite Business Transactions 

GA 23.8.23 
August 25, 2023

Now, you designate favorite business transactions and also define your own. Identify and indicate which business transactions are more important to review and monitor based. 

Log Collection 

GA 23.8.23 
August 25, 2023

The Log Collector: 

  • Exports additional self-telemetry metrics from Filebeat, and deprecates others. See the Release Notes for a list of the Filebeat metrics exported by default.
  • Now supports deployment on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) platform. 

Cisco Secure Application

GA 23.8.23 
August 25, 2023

Security insights with Business Risk Scores  

Use our Business Risk score to proactively prevent security exploits and address vulnerabilities. 

Observe service-oriented investigations 

GA 23.8.23 
August 25, 2023 

  • Share data with other Cloud Native Application Observability users, with specific values (Group View, Filter View, and Time Range) that remain the same when viewed. See Understand the Observe UI. 

Kubernetes and App Service Monitoring 

GA 23.8.23 
August 25, 2023 

Now, see when a pod was created for the Kubernetes entities on the Created At column of the entity list view. 

Data for specific Kubernetes types are retained for 3 weeks after the entity becomes inactive: 

Updates for Collectors and Artifacts 

GA 23.8.23 
August 25, 2023

  • Helm charts updated for AppDynamics Collectors and AppDynamics Operator 
  • Orchestration Client Docker image 
  • OTel Docker images for Linux and Windows 
  • Cluster and Infrastructure Collectors Docker image 

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Agent enhancement highlights

NOTE |See the AppDynamics v23.8 APM Platform (SaaS) Release Notes and SAP Agent v23.8 Release Notes pages for the complete August 2023 enhancements. 

Database Agent 

GA 23.8.0 
August 29, 2023

You can configure policies for the following new database events:  


See Database Events Reference. 

iOS Agent 

GA 23.8.0 
August 18, 2023

When you modify the url property of the ADEumHTTPRequestTracker object, the networkRequestCallback method returns the request and response headers. 

Use the following fields to view the request and response headers: 

  • allHeaderFields - It returns the response headers. 
  • allRequestHeaderFields` - It returns the request headers. 

Java Agent 

GA 23.8.0 
August 30, 2023

This release includes: 

Machine Agent 

GA 23.8.0 
August 28, 2023

A new option allows you to collect ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) server tags. See Server Tagging. 

There were also Bug Fixes and upgrades to third-party components aws-java-sdk-ec2, okio-jvm, and oshi-core. 

.NET Agent 

GA 23.8.23 
August 25, 2023

Now, you can not only designate favorite business transactions, but you can also define your own. Identify and indicate which business transactions are more important to review and monitor based. 

Network Agent 

GA 23.8.0 
August 11, 2023

Now with support for the IBM AIX operating system. See Install the Network Agent on AIX. 

Python Agent 

GA 23.8.0 
August 11, 2023

Now with support for Open AI API monitoring. See Monitor OpenAI API with Python Agent. 

The JRE and proxy libraries were updated. 

SAP Agent 

Several SAP releases in August were centered on bringing security insights around users, systems, and connections. 

  • AP user login and authorization security monitoring captures and lists potentially problematic user-based security issues such as expired or unchanged passwords.  
  • SAP system security monitoring captures KPIs as metrics (such as changed parameters and dangerous commands) and lists them in OOTB dashboards to quickly remediate.  
  • SAP connection security monitoring identifies core connection metric issues within the ERP system and landscape for remediation. 

See the v23.8 SAP Agent Release Notes page for the complete August, 2023 AppDynamics SAP Agent enhancements  

And for mor more detail, refer to readme.txt files in the release zip file and individual package folders. 

Other Updates 

  • Analytics Agent v23.8.0, August 23, 2023 
  • Apache Web Server Agent v23.8.0, August 30, 2023 
  • C/C++ SDK v23.8 v23.8.0, August 11, 2023 
  • Database Events v23.8.0, August 11, 2023 
  • JavaScript Agent v23.8.0, August 11, 2023 

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SaaS Controller enhancement highlights

NOTES | See the AppDynamics v23.8 APM Platform SaaS Controller Release Notes page for the complete August 2023 enhancements. 

Dash Studio 

GA 23.8.0 
August 28, 2023 

  • Analytics metrics supported by Time Series and Metric Number widgets. 
  • Analytics health rules supported by Health widget. 

See Data Binding. 


License usage 

GA 23.8.0 
August 14, 2023

  • Application Server Agents maps the number of vCPU count received from Azure App Services to corresponding licenses. 
  • New option allows you to disable Analytics at the node level via Controller UI 
  • See the following ThousandEyes usage information under License > Account Usage > Real User Monitoring Usage: 
  • Tooltip that describes individual ThousandEyes events 
  • Number of completed ThousandEyes measurements 


Mutual TLS support 

GA 23.8.0 
August 14, 2023 

AppDynamics Controller now supports the certificate change for mutual TLS authentication. See Configure and Enable Mutual TLS Authentication. 


New health rule values for critical or warning criteria 

GA 23.8.0 
August 14, 2023 

New values to define critical or warning criteria in a health rule. See Create and Configure Conditions. 


in License Rule dialogs

GA 23.8.0 
August 14, 2023 

Listings of applications and servers within Add Rule and Edit Rule dialogs now include pagination. Loading data performance now allows infinite scrolling. 


Synthetic Monitoring permission for Credential Vault monitoring 

GA 23.8.0 
August 28, 2023

Includes a new permission, Manage Credential Vault, to provide granular access control for managing the Credential Vault.  

See Credential Vault for Web Monitoring and Credential Vault for API Monitoring 


integration with BRUM

GA 23.8.0 
August 14, 2023 

You can now manually unlink domains and stop data ingestion from ThousandEyes tests. See ThousandEyes Data Ingestion. 


View affected entity name for failed HTTP request actions 

GA 23.8.0 
August 14, 2023 

When an HTTP request action fails, you can now view the affected entity name in the resulting notification.  

You can also access the affected entity’s details with the affectedEntities predefined variable in an HTTP request template or an email template. See Predefined Templating Variables. 


Other Updates 

SaaS Controller bug fixes  
v23.8.1 (August 15, 2023), v23.8.2 (August 28, 2023)  

Third-party libraries upgraded: v23.8.0 (August 14, 2023) 

Jackson Databind, Nodejs, Loadash, JSoup, esapi, owasp-java-html-sanitizer, H2 Database Engine, Velocity, Google OAuth Client Library for Java, protobuf-java, Woodstox, Xstream, Apache commons, fileupload, Logback, Spring Framework 


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On-prem enhancement highlights

NOTE | See the On-premises Platform Release Notes pages for v23.7 and v23.8  for a complete list of the enhancements listed below. 

Dash Studio 

GA July 28, 2023 

Enhancements in late July 2023 provided more dashboarding capabilities and customization, including Metric Function, iFrame widget, and nested variables for tiers. 

Enterprise Console 

Enterprise Console v23.8 includes a new version of the Events Service, 23.7.0 

EUM Server 

GA July 28, 2023 

EUM Server 23.8 includes new versions of Open SSL and MySQL, now versions 3.0 and 8.x, respectively. 

Private Synthetic Agent 

GA July 28, 2023 

This Kubernetes container-based Private Synthetic Agent reduces infrastructure requirements by eliminating the need for an external Postgres dB. See Install the Private Synthetic Agent (Web and API monitoring) 

Server action suppression 

Server action suppression helps prevent alert storms when you put servers in maintenance mode. 

Infrastructure-based license (IBL) 

GA July 28, 2023 

New license packages confer new options to save operating costs and ease administration. See Observe License Usage and use this information to estimate your license needs.  

Database visibility

GA July 28, 2023 

  • See the extensive list of new database visibility features released in July 2023, extending: Database Monitoring Metrics, IBM dB 2, Microsoft SQL Server metrics, MySQL, Oracle Server metrics, SSL-enabled PostgresSQL dB, and more. 
  • Fetch the audit log for the Remove literal flag in the Controller Audit Report. 

In addition to changes to the UI. 


Where can I find additional information about product enhancements? 

In Documentation, each product category has a Release Notes page where enhancements are described in detail on an ongoing basis. Links to the most recent versions are: 

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Resolved issues

DID YOU KNOW? You can find ongoing lists of Resolved Issues on each Release Notes page by version. Sort the list on each page by headings, including key, product, severity, or affected version(s). Find Resolved Issues by Product here: 
Cisco Full Stack Observability (FSO) Release Notes 
Cloud Native Application Observability Release Notes 
AppDynamics APM Platform, Resolved Issues for Agents and SaaS Controller 
On-premises AppDynamics APM Platform 
Release Notes for Accounts and Licensing 
AppDynamics SAP Agent Release Notes

ADVISORY | Cluster Agent Dockerfiles and Charts Github repositories are moving

The AppDynamics Cluster Agent Dockerfiles and Charts Github repositories will receive maintenance support until October 31, 2023. Subsequently, the files in these repositories will be accessible through the AppDynamics download portal and the AppDynamics production artifactory, respectively.  

Read more on the deprecation notices corresponding to these two Github repositories. 

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What else should I know about?

Community Updates | University Updates |  Webinars 

Community Updates 

August brought a few updates to the Community. Our new site structure lays the foundation for a clearer information hierarchy. We hope it gives you a more intuitive way to find what you need in the Community.  

We also launched new avatars—a better fit for the look of the site and (we hope) a pleasing change.  

This Product Update series is seeing an evolution in the content layout. We’d like to make sure you can comfortably find the highlights and related resources you need.  

More developments are underway! The coming weeks will bring more updates, so stay tuned on News & Announcements. So please let us know what’s working for you and what could improve!

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University News

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The new Uni Updates video series will be a one-stop shop for all the latest AppDynamics education news and course offerings. Quick and engaging, you can see the first one here.

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Webinars in September

Improving app performance with deep database visibility 


LIVE | While more than half of application performance issues originate in the database, most application teams have little or no visibility into database performance. Our upcoming webinar shows how modern DevOps teams can get that database visibility to optimize app performance. 

APAC | September 27 at 8:30am IST, 11 am SGT, 2pm AEST 
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Mitigate Business Risk with Application Security  

LIVE | Learn how AppDynamics Business Risk observability helps teams stay ahead of growing security attacks, gaining security and exposure intelligence with Kenna’s vulnerability scoring and Cisco AppDynamics business transactions to detect, prioritize, and block risks from multiple sources. 

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ADVISORY | Customers are advised to check backward compatibility in the Agent and Controller Compatibility documentation.

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