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Community Manager

Check out the Community’s new organization and structure 


Hello all, 

The new and improved structure we announced recently is live.  

This organizational refresh is about establishing a clearer information hierarchy, giving you a more intuitive way to find what you need in the Community. And it lays the foundation for coming programs that will further enhance your experience. 

Old top-level Community navigationOld top-level Community navigation

New top-level Community navigationNew top-level Community navigation

What's different on Community's top navigation? | What hasn't changed? | What's next?


What’s different on Community’s top navigation? 

Community is now ‘Community Hub’ 

This new heading represents the following new content organization.. 

Community Hub dropdown menuCommunity Hub dropdown menu

On the dropdown menu, you will find: 

Community home page 

Our site home page, including activity tabs, links, and promotional information 

News & Announcements 

This Community blog, with announcements, advisories, and news

Welcome Center 

Collection of articles on how you can best use this platform. 

Community Spotlight 

Shortcut to our community member spotlight and appreciation series 

Community Feedback 

Link right to the forum where you can participate in discussions about this Community  


Forums Q & A 

Though the new heading “Forums Q&A” highlights the active purpose of the discussion forums, all the same technical product forums remain here. 



We do have plans to refresh these topic areas in the near future, so stay tuned for inquiries and ongoing improvements. Please weigh in on what you’d like to see in the Comments below. 



We’ve reorganized this structure to contain all the in-depth technical content you’re used to referencing across the Community—and more. 


 Under Resources, you’ll find the Knowledge Base, as well as the monthly Product Update series. The technical hints in the Share a Tip series line up nicely here.  

You’ll find the AppDynamics University group here, with its articles, course updates, and Q & A structure unchanged. 

New: You can click right through to Cisco AppDynamics Documentation. 

Monthly Product Update 

Monthly series with product enhancement highlights and links 

Knowledge Base 

Expert-written technical content from across Cisco AppDynamics: Support, Product, and Field 

Share a Tip 

Internal and crowd-sources quick-tips that make a difference 

AppDynamics University 

Access the Cisco AppDynamics University information group here 


Click right through to Documentation


Groups changed to ‘User Groups’ 

In anticipation of upcoming programs, for now this section has only changed in name. Keep an eye out for announcements and new activity in this space. 


What hasn’t changed in the Community structure and navigation? 

Unchanged content 

The Idea Exchange has not changed in name or in content.   

The categories that did move—like Share a tip, the Knowledge Base, Cisco AppDynamics University—haven’t been otherwise changed. 


Functional bookmark and subscriptions 

Though we’ve shifted and reorganized content, your existing bookmarks and subscriptions will remain the same. The platform will handle re-directs. 


Next Steps 

We hope you enjoy these new changes and find yourself looking into parts of Community that you haven’t explored before. 

Expect ongoing additions to Community, as well as its content and programs. 
If you have any feedback for us, let us know! Just leave your requests, insights, and questions below in the comment box. 

Claudia and Ryan, 
Your Cisco AppDynamics Community Managers