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Community Manager

The new Community avatars are live, and have been randomly assigned to replace the old default images 


Hello everyone, 

The new Community avatars are live! We like this fresh look a lot and really hope you do too. 

Avatar Announcement@2x.png

As part of providing this new avatar collection, we’ve arranged to have them automatically applied to profiles that use the old default images. If your profile avatar image is one you uploaded yourself, there shouldn’t be any change. 

If you’d rather pick a different avatar, you can change it or upload a personal one. 

RECAP | The new avatars and automatic replacement of the old default images doesn’t impact Community programs or functions.  

Claudia and Ryan, 
Your Cisco AppDynamics Community Managers 


How do I change my avatar image? 

Find the instructions here.  They're short and simple.


Something unexpected happened to my profile 

Oh, no! As always, reach out if you need help.


We’re looking forward to hearing what you think of the new avatars. As plans for evolving content, programs, and look continue across this community, we hope to hear more about what would best serve you. 

Claudia and Ryan,  
Your Cisco AppDynamics Community Managers