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Table of Contents 

PHP support enhancements

Java support enhancements

.NET Core 2.1 support

Branding updates

BETA programs

Resolved issues

Monitoring cloud applications guide

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What are the highlights I should know about?

You’ll notice in the grid below that each feature enhancement calls out who in your organization may find this most interesting and may be most impacted.


Product Feature Enhancement

User and



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PHP Support Enhancements  
Java Support Enhancements
.NET Core 2.1 Support   ✓ 
Platform  Branding Updates    



PHP support enhancements

  • Support for php v7.2

  • Support for auto-detection of predis 1.1.1


For a complete list of supported PHP environments, visit our PHP documentation.


Java support enhancements

  • Browser to application correlation for Play & Mule Frameworks
  • Asynchronous Transaction monitoring for Mule, spray, Play, Vert.X frameworks
  • Enhanced transaction monitoring for Axon framework
  • Enhanced sensitive data redaction capabilities


Check out all of the 4.5.1 Java agent updates and an extensive list of Java supported environments and versions.


.NET Core 2.1 support

To align with Microsoft’s upcoming retirement of support for .NET Core 2.0 in October 2018 and their accelerated release of new versions, including .NET Core 2.1 in June 2018, AppDynamics now provides robust support for .NET Core 2.1. As our customers make the transition to 2.1, we will offer all of the functionality provided for 2.0, including async await tracking and full-stack and cross-stack visibility into your application and business performance. Simultaneously, we will continue supporting 2.0 as in the past through the official end of life on October 1, 2018.

Branding Updates

The next time you log on to the AppDynamics Product, you’ll notice updates to the AppDynamics logo and colors in the standard toolbar and throughout the user interface. These changes were made within the product to align with the most recent AppDynamics brand guidelines.

August 2018 Branding Updates.png


See What’s Coming! Join a BETA today.

We recently wrapped up our IIB Monitoring BETA with the successful launch of the IIB Agent. We’re currently running several other programs and we’re always looking for new participants:


To see a list of the latest active BETA programs, subscribe to the related discussion thread.


Resolved Issues

As part of 4.5.1, we addressed multiple product issues in order to create an improved customer experience. Below is a list of key issues that were resolved:


Infrastructure Visibility

  • Application Infrastructure Performance|root takes a long time to load (SERVER-4744) 

On-Premises Platform

  • Enterprise Console takes longer than HA Auto Failover Interval to trigger a failover (ECONSOLE-3097)
  • Enterprise Console should validate all Controller passwords before upgrading (ECONSOLE-3279)
  • doesn't work with long controller home path prefixes (ECONSOLE-3313)
  • Adding secondary controller fails if the External URL is same as the Controller URL (ECONSOLE-3350)
  • bin/ stop-events-service does not work (ECONSOLE-3357)
  • Controller Upgrade from 4.4.3 to 4.5.1 fails for new versions of Ubuntu due to undocumented dependency on tzdata package (ECONSOLE-3473)
  • Controller upgrade to 4.5 requires massive amounts of free disk (ECONSOLE-3508)
  • User with Configure Transaction Detection is unable to update or data a scope (METADATA-4194)
  • Slow permission check when filtering dashboards when calls initiated from DashboardManagerBean.getAllDashboardSummaries (METADATA-4666)
  • Unable to create API Client due to failed permission check on create of Entity (METADATA-4907)
  • Modify baseline calculation based on passed timezone instead of UTC (METRICSVC-2045) 

End User Monitoring

  • removeEventListener() no longer works after the listener is wrapped by Causality.wrap() (BRUM-3855)
  • Usernames and Passwords are printed in the Synthetic Agent Logs (SYNTH-3329) 

Application Performance Management

  • Unable to save Python Error Detection Configuration (APMPLAT-7115) 

Java Agent

  • Report E2E metrics at Node, Tier, Application level in addition to BT level (JAVA-3867)

.NET Agent

  • Special characters in custom name causes System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException in Profiler Log (DOTNET-2703)

Node.js Agent

  • Node.js agent in proxy mode does not connect over SSL (DLNATIVE-1684) - PHP

Business iQ/Analytics

  • Saving the Analytics RBAC changes results in '500 Error' due to a missing Role in the Data Access Table (ANALYTICS-8474)


A comprehensive list of 4.5.1 resolved issues organized by product area is available in the documentation linked below.


More on AppDynamics with Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, AWS, and PCF>>

If you are interested in learning more about what AppDynamics has to offer by way of cloud monitoring, check out our new Monitoring Cloud Applications documentation page. We think it’s a great resource— it’s a comprehensive guide on our cloud platform providers and how to keep track of changes in your infrastructure and components.


Get started>>

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AppDynamics Upgrade Checklist For Any Release


Please note:  The versioning of AppDynamics language agents is done independently of each other and the Controller. Therefore, you do not need to keep track of your agent versions. 4.5 agents are backward-compatible with any 4.4.1 or higher Controller, so you can simply download and install the latest version of the agent and it is guaranteed to work. See Agent and Controller Compatibility for more information.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Need more assistance? Ask a question in the Latest Release forum.

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

The links above under "See What’s Coming! Join a BETA today" are not active because the referenced Betas are no longer in progress. 

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