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In April, the AppDynamics SaaS Controller version 22.4.0 was released with key product enhancements. There have also been a number of agent enhancements.


Finally, There are a number of new bug fixes and/or optimizations with SaaS Controller version 22.3.1 and Enterprise Console (on-prem) version 21.4.14.


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USER and
Analytics Agent    
Cluster Agent  
Database Agent  
Java Agent      
Javascript Agent    
Python Agent  
Xamarin Agent
Agent Installer
Dash Studio


Agent Updates

Analytics Agent

The Analytics Agent includes updates to the Azul JRE and SLF4J builds. (v22.4.0 Released April 28, 2022)


Cluster Agent

There have been some minor bug fixes. (v22.4.0 Released April 29, 2022)


Database Agent

There have been some minor bug fixes and enhancements. (v22.4.0 Released April 25, 2022)


Java Agent

Supports the Z Garbage Collector and reports the metrics as a minor collection. (v22.4.0 Released April 22, 2022)


JavaScript Agent

Beacons are now sent to the HTTP endpoint if available. Otherwise, HTTP endpoints will be used. (v22.4.0 Released April 15, 2022)


Machine Agent

There were several enhancements:

  • The flag -Dappdynamics.machine.agent.extensions.calcVolumeFreeAndUsedWithDfCommand is set to "true" to reserve 5% of disk space on Linux systems.
  • The solaris_sparcv9 Java version was upgraded to JRE11.
  • There are also a number of upgrades to third party libraries.

 (v22.4.0 Released April 27, 2022)


.NET Agent

There were several enhancements:

  • Signs AppDynamics.Agent.netstandard.dl in Agent NuGet packages. 
  • Improves dynamic reflection with runtime type re-binding capability.
  • Extracts the process identity on Linux to make it in parity with Windows.
  • Uses stdout instead of temp-file communication for processing. 

(v22.4.0 Released April 5, 2022)


Python Agent

Python version 3.10 is now supported. (v22.4.0 Released April 27, 2022)


Xamarin Agent

You can now attach a custom user data property to a specific network request by adding it to HttpRequestTracker. (v22.4.0 Released April 18, 2022)


NOTE | To view all technical documentation associated with this month’s releases, please visit Product Announcements, Alerts, and Hot Fixes in our documentation portal

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Heads up - What else you should know 

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New AppDynamics University courses

AppDynamics University has seen a wealth of new courses and certification recognition features. Check out the most recent education product updates as well as the introduction of our instructor interview series.


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Resolved and Known Issues

The following AppDynamics Controller versions have either known or resolved issues. 

  • SaaS Controller version 22.2.4 does not contain any resolved issues, however, there are some 22.3.1 SaaS controller resolved issues.
  • Enterprise Console version 21.4.14 was released April 14 and provides a bug fix for the Database Monitoring Agent (DBMON-8554)
  • The Cluster Agent for RedHat is currently unavailable due to a change in the RedHat release process.
  • The Database Agent 22.4.0 has a known issue - The Database Agent does not run on JDK versions 16 and 17, therefore please use JDK 15 or lower. 


You can see a complete listing of this month’s Agent and Controller Resolved Issues, as well as additional detail around known issues in the Release Notes

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