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This month in Education: voucher management update, new courses – and new instructor interview series


In this article:


New feature: Remove users from subscription vouchers

Company admins can now remove users from University subscription vouchers in the Account Management Portal. 


Get to know AppDynamics Instructors in our new interview series

Meet the experts behind our instructor-led courses. Our new Member Spotlight: Instructor Edition series launched with Angela Lang, who shares her tips for maximizing your learning experience.


New AppDynamics University courses

Check out our new instructor-led courses covering topics in APM, Browser Synthetic Monitoring, and Customer Experience Journey Maps. Two new short self-paced courses present topics in SAP monitoring.


NOTE | To view these classes, navigate to AppDynamics University and enter the course code (e.g., “EUM210”  or “APM405” or “EUM210”) into the search bar and hit “Enroll”.

The links on each course code and title below will take you to an in-depth post about the class.



INSTRUCTOR-LED COURSES (available for Premium Subscriptions)

User Administration

(3 hr)

Learn how to use AppDynamics’ role-based access control to assign permissions to users and groups 

Learn how to manage your company’s users locally or by configuring AppDynamics to use an external Identity Provider.

License and Account Administration
(3 hr)

Explore the differences between AppDynamics’ Agent-based licensing and Infrastructure-based licensing models. 

Create rules to manage license usage. 

Explore the Account Management Portal.

User, License, and Account Administration
(6 hr)

Combines APM405 and APM406 (above) into 1 day of training.

Monitoring with Artificial Intelligence
(3.5 hr)

Learn to use two APM features - Anomaly Detection and Automated Transaction Diagnostics - to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor and diagnose performance issues in applications.

Browser Synthetic Monitoring
(3.5 hr)

Learn how to configure AppDynamics Browser Synthetic Monitoring to monitor and optimize user experience and application performance. Analyze Browser Synthetic outcomes and specialized metrics. 

Explore core use cases and best practices for targeting and tuning synthetics data gathering.

Use Experience Journey Map to Visualize Journeys and Identify Issues
(1.5 hr)

This course explains how Experience Journey Map (ExJM) fits into the End User Monitoring module, and how to use it to augment Browser Real User Monitoring and Mobile Real User Monitoring troubleshooting.

SELF-PACED COURSES (available for all Subscriptions)

Create Custom APIs for SAP Monitoring
(5 min)

This five-minute self-paced course introduces how to extend your out-of-the-box SAP monitoring capabilities by creating a custom KPI that replicates from SAP GUI to the Metric Browser.

Use BiQ Insights to Evaluate the Health of an SAP System
(5 min)

Learn how to use AppDynamics BiQ Insights to extend your SAP monitoring capabilities and the overall health of your SAP system.

Includes an introduction to Analytics and Dashboards.