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How does the EUM licensing model work with a multi-tenant Controller?

How does the EUM licensing model work when using a multi-tenant Controller?


EUM for a multi-tenant Controller is slightly different than the license for a single Controller. The EUM account mentioned in the license file can only be used for one of the multi-tenant accounts.

If there is a need to split the EUM usage across multiple Controller accounts, then separate licenses with different EUM account names will be provided and the total units will be divided among those licenses.


The customer must provide all of these licenses to the EUM server, but only enter the production license in the Controller home directory.


Note: The license.lic file applies to the entire Controller, not for any given account when in multi-tenant mode. This means, for example, a user with 100 Java units in the license.lic file can not exceed 100 Java APM units across all accounts, and any accounts created in the Admin section of the Controller UI would pull values from that license file.

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