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What are the steps to enabling debug logging for an on-premises EUM Server?
What are the steps for an EUM Processor?

  1. In your computer terminal, navigate to <EUM_HOME>/eum-processor/bin and locate the logback.xml file.

  2. Open the file and change the logging level from INFO to DEBUG for the logger that you are interested in troubleshooting.

    Example: EUM debug logging 1.png

  3. Save and restart the EUM Server.


Example of typical debug logging

EUM debug logging 2.png

Explorer the event that you get a "ping" reaction in the program window or"200 HTTP status code OK" utilizing twist, it implies you can interface with your EUM Server effectively and its not hung and if there's no reaction or program continues turning and in the long run the association gets reset,then it shows that the eum worker measure isn't reacting to your solicitation and thus we have to catch not many arrangement of string dumps( 3 to 5) with a recurrence of 30 secs to 60 secs apart,so that we can later look at the progressive string dumps and check if any strings of the eum worker measure was hung.

In the event that your On-Prem EUM Server Processor is running on windows,then underneath are the accessible alternatives to catch string dumps.


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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

@Fin.Perlak, great addition to the topic! 

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