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AppDynamics Team

Users can configure the display names for pages and iframes in the Controller UI.


If the default naming configuration is enabled, AppDynamics will name a page using the first two segments of the page URL. It is possible to modify the default configuration by clicking on "Default Naming Configuration" in the "Include Rules" section of the Controller UI. 


For more information, see documentation on Configure Page Identification and Naming.


Common mistakes to avoid:

1. While defining a rule about page names, the criteria filter works purely in the request URL and not the default name that you see in the 'Pages and Ajax Requests' module.



  • These are not URLs. They are page names defined by the default page naming rule.
  • To get the actual URL, either navigate to snapshots and open the snapshot details to look for the URL, or identify the request URL using Chrome developer tools under the 'Network' tab.





 2. If using Regular Expressions, the expression must match the complete URL.


3. Regex criteria are case sensitive. 

  • Example: In the previous example, where the URL is, the Regex  .*\\/store\/ will not work because the word store must be capitalized. 


4. Priority changes:

  • In AppDynamics version 4.2.x, a lower the priority number means a higher priority. 0 is the highest priority.
  • Beginning in version 4.3.x, the priority order is arranged by drag and drop. A rule at the top will have the highest priority.



Why doesnt this expression validate to true at



AppDynamics Team

Hi Jonathan,


Its not matching because you have probably selected the type as Java. If you insteasd choose the type as Javascript( this can ve doen from the top menu, expand the dropdown under testing and select javascript), it should match. Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 1.02.02 AM.png





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