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How do I change Page and Ajax limits for an EUM application, on-premises?

How do I change Page and Ajax limits for an EUM application in an on-premises Controller?


These limits can be altered, but keep in mind that more registered pages and Ajax will result in more metrics. This is a performance overhead for both EUM and the Controller (backend and UI). Therefore, you may need to back it up with better hardware resources if you see performance degradation.

To change the limits, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to http://controller_host:8090/private/ControllerFlagsServlet using the credentials below:
    username: root@system
    password: same as your admin.jsp password

  2. Look for and and change the values, then save.


Note: For SaaS Controllers on a shared tenant host, this cannot be done since this will impact other customers. For SaaS Controllers on a dedicated host, please raise a support ticket.

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Can the page and ajax limit of 500 be changed in SaaS? 

Hi Bill,


On the dedicated SAAS controller with an OPS request, I believe we can get this changed.