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What do I need to know about global AppDynamics SaaS locations?


In our continual efforts to provide our customers with fast and reliable service on our SaaS platform, AppDynamics is launching a series of strategic SaaS locations throughout the globe. This post will serve as your guide to stay informed on the new locations, answer your common questions, and direct you to further resources regarding our SaaS coverage.  


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Where are your SaaS locations based? Revised July 2021

The below chart lists all available locations and the geographical regions they are intended to support. 



Launch Date

Portland, Oregon (USA)

North America


Frankfurt, Germany



Sydney, Australia 



Mumbai, India

South Asia

October 2020


Southeast Asia

April 2021

London, England

United Kingdom

April 2021

Hong Kong 

East Asia

July 2021

São Paulo, Brazil

South America

July  2021

Cape Town, South Africa


July 2021


What are the benefits of having this many locations?

Our SaaS product provides customers with quicker access to product innovations. It allows them to scale with ease to meet the ever-growing needs of their applications. 


Our depth in SaaS locations helps ensure we are covering our customers' data residency requirements, no matter where they are located worldwide.

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Where does my SaaS data reside?

Primary data resides in the current SaaS location your company is utilizing. EUM, Synthetic Agent, and Analytics hosting locations are documented in the SaaS Domains and IP Ranges documentation. 

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What are the eligibility requirements for leveraging AppDynamics SaaS offerings?

All new and existing customers are eligible to leverage or migrate to any of our SaaS locations. 

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Will I be auto-provisioned in the environment most local to me? 

In most cases, you will be auto-provisioned into the SaaS location closest to the geographical IP address of the originating account request (for example, requesting a free trial).  However, to support any data residency requirements you may have, you can contact your account manager to leverage the location of your choice. 

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As an existing customer, can I transition or migrate to a different SaaS location?

Absolutely. We have many on-premises customers that are interested in moving to SaaS and many SaaS customers that wish to migrate to a new region to support data residency requirements.  


Reach out to your Account Manager for details on starting the process! Contact us to schedule a call.

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What AppDynamics products are available in the new locations?

For each new location, the available product versions will correspond to the most current version available at the time they are launched. For example, since the Singapore location went live in April 2021, product version 21.4 and greater will be available at that location. 

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Does the solution offer at-rest encryption?

Yes, our SaaS Platform includes data-at-rest encryption to ensure security and data privacy for all our customers. To learn more about our security and data privacy visit our Trust Page.

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Where can I find out more?

We have several resources available for you to find out more information:

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