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java.lang.VerifyError after using agent


Hi all,


I get the java.lang.VerifyError running the Java service with the appdyn agent.


Constructor threw exception; nested exception is java.lang.VerifyError: Expecting a stackmap frame at branch target 190
Exception Details:
    com/.../TCPConnectImpl.<init>()V @165: ifnull
    Expected stackmap frame at this location.
    0x0000000: 013a 0701 3a08 013a 092a b700 1110 06bd
    0x0000010: 0085 5903 2b53 5904 1cb8 0087 5359 052d
... 0x00001a0: 1304 1919 0813 041b 1304 1c19 0919 0719 0x00001b0: 0db8 042a bf Exception Handler Table: bci [208, 216] => handler: 219 bci [259, 264] => handler: 267 bci [321, 410] => handler: 410 Stackmap Table: full_frame(@410,{Object[#368],Object[#776],Integer,Object[#370],Integer,Object[#569],Object[#603],Object[#133],Object[#368],Object[#1068]},{Object[#428]})


The command I used looks like the following:

java -javaagent:/opt/appdyn/javaagent/current/javaagent.jar -jar app.jar


Could you please advice why app dynamics instrumentation can cause this error?

Is there any way to avoid this error? (possibly excluding this particular TCPConnectImpl class from instrumentation?)


Community Manager

Hi @Alexander.Soin,


I found this existing AppD Knowledge base article that mentions this error. Please let me know if it's any help.


How to resolve IBM application error with Java Agent 


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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