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Remote Services detection


Remote Services detection

We have an issue with the remote services traffic detection.-

If we check the transaction flow map, we can see all the remote service calls executed from the tiers, and associated to that BT.

However, those HTTP exit calls appears listed in the remote service list, but with number of call 0.

Also in the application flow map and in the tier flow map, those calls are missing... However if we check the nodes  or the own tier, selecting the "Slowest DB & Remote Service Calls", then we can see a list including some of those HTTP calls...

 According to docs, the tier and node flow maps, also the Tier dashboard flow map, should be display those metrics, but only the BT flow map is displaying them.

 The tool is detecting the traffic, because remote services are listed and slowest calls have metrics, however the flow maps do not include those backends and remote service list calls column always appears with 0 value...

 Do you know why is the issue here?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Remote Services detection
AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Re: Remote Services detection

Hi @Maria.Garcia


What version of the Controller are you on?


Please share specifics of your environment so we can investigate closely.

Radhika P

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Re: Remote Services detection

The AppDynamics version is


The remote services traffic is detected, but only the business transaction view and BTs flow map show those calls...

It seems a visualization issue or someyhing like this...

It has no sense that remote services are listed but no traffic is assigned to them...



Re: Remote Services detection



On the other hand, we have detected that the issue could be related with backend naming.

I mean, if a remote service is detected as host1:port1 and then backend naming configuration is modified to add a segment (for example host1:port1/segment1), the calls seems not being properly assigned and then both names are displayed, but with 0 calls.


The same result is detected if we have the following:




The HTTP remote services are listed, but with 0 calls...


Could this be possible?

How to avoid this issue please?