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Monitor jboss connection pool

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hy all,


The user has a request to monitor the jboss connection pool, then I use the link below to be able to monitor the jboss connection pool:

but after I did the steps in the link, I didn't get any results,

I attach the log of machine agent and JBossDatasourceMonitor, maybe it can be a tool for you to analyze my error.


shandi aji


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I'm Following this URL: to monitoring the JBoss connection pool.

In step 4 (Installation)
Restart the machine agent, check its logs and any non empty jboss_data-sources_$$.err file in the JBossDatasourceMonitor directory.

But the jboss_data-sources_$$.err is empty and the machine agent can't start when I check in Appdynamics controller web console.

The Appdynamics controller version: 4.5.15
JBoss EAP 6.4

How to start troubleshooting this issue?

Please advise.


Same like my problem, i have same experience with jboss extension.

Appdynamics support any idea ?

Please help...


Many thanks

Thanks for reaching out to us. While this is an author supported extension and is not officially supported by AppDynamics, we will troubleshoot any basic machine agent configuration related issues on a best-effort basis. 


To troubleshoot missing custom metrics, please go through every step in the Extensions Troubleshooting Document.


If the issues still persist, please email us at [Email redacted]  with the following for us to assist you better:


1. monitor.xml (<MachineAgentHome>/monitors/<ExtensionMonitor>)

2. Controller-info.xml (<MachineAgentHome>/conf/controller-info.xml)

3. Enable Machine Agent `DEBUG` logging by changing the level values of the following logger elements from `INFO` to `DEBUG` in `<MachineAgent>/conf/logging/log4j.xml`:

<logger name="com.singularity">

<logger name="com.appdynamics">

4. After letting the Machine Agent run for 10-15 minutes, attach the complete `<MachineAgentHome>/logs/` directory.


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hy @Vishaka.Balasubramanian Sekar 


here is attach logs from the machine agent.

[Log File redacted]


shandi aji P


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 For faster resolution and tracking, can you please send the attachment in an email to [Redacted]? That will ensure that the support team responds to your queries better and faster. 




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