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Java (Java Agent, Installation, JVM, and Controller Installation)

Machine Agent Can't start "Invalid argument"


Machine Agent Can't start "Invalid argument"

I am trying to enable machine agent in Solaris server. JAVA verison 11.0. Machine Agent version 20.9. 

I am getting following error. I checked JAVA path is correct. everything is according to the doc. But not able to start agent. any thoughts  

./machine-agent -d -p /opt/appdynamics/machineagent/pidfile
Using java executable at /opt/appdynamics/machineagent/jre/bin/java
#nohup: /opt/appdynamics/machineagent/jre/bin/java: Invalid argument


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Machine Agent Can't start "Invalid argument"

Hi there


Firstly did you use the correct Solaris machine Agent, X86 or SPARC?


Can you do the following

Run the following command and provide the output


java -version


Also try and start it manually the following way


navigate to the root <agent installation directory>

and run the following command

nohup java -jar ./machineagent.jar &


Check if the agent starts



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Hi Bro,


Have you defined the account-name, access-key, application-name, tier-name, and node-name in the controller_info.xml? If yes, can you attach the machine-agent.log?




Thanks for your help. Problem has been solved. The problem with some AppDynamics agent folder permission issues that's why not all the files were loaded. Now I have another problem with App Agent. creating new discussion. Thanks