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Ignore 500 Exception from a specific app

New Member

Our team is new to AppDynamics, and we're currently experiencing an issue where AppDynamics reports over 50% of all traffic for some of our apps as errors because of 500 Exceptions that we don't care about.


For example: we transform data from one format to another, and deliver to a service that we don't own. Sometimes the data we receive is bad, and we won't know until we deliver the transformed message and get a response from the service we deliver to. We have built in functions, however, that can parse the response message from this service and automatically fix issues with the data. In this scenario, we receive bad data, deliver it to the end-service, receive a rejection message, fix the data accordingly, and then deliver again with no issues. The end result is that our app returns a 200 OK to the team that delivers to us, but in AppDynamics, this record will be logged as an error. 


I've been playing around with the error detection settings in the instrumentation section of our AppDynamics page, but I don't see any way to ignore HttpStatus codes for specific restful calls. We obviously can't tell our AppDynamics to just ignore all 500s because that would be too broad. Is there a way to capture a specific call in a given app and ignore a 500? 




AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Matt,

You can configure which HTTP codes should/shouldn't be treated as an error in any AppDynamics application. 

By default, AppDynamics captures HTTP error codes from 400 to 505. HTTP response codes may convey errors that occur at the business level of an application. For example, in an ecommerce application, a 522 error might indicate that an item is out of stock. For this case, you may want to exclude the error as a default transaction error indicator.

To exclude a return code, add them to the error detection list by creating a custom error code range and then disabling that error code by clearing its Enabled checkbox. This in effect excludes the error code as an error indicator.


Brian Wheeldon, Solution Engineer, NYC

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