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How to add 2 service end points


I have 2 service end points which is working as expected . I would like to add the numerical value of these 2 service end points and display it as another metric with no rollover to millions and the display should be in thousands. If I display it on a dashboard widget  ,the counts are being rolled in to millions and I don't want it. My preference is to just show it in 1000s like it does on a service end point screen.

please advise












AppDynamics Team

Hi Srinivasan,


If i interpret right you want to get the graph trend in /min level (please refer to the screenshot). Could you please select Timeseries Graph widget instead of Metric Value widget under Dashboards and Reports#Add Widget  and check if it solves the purpose.




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Hi Atyuha,

I need to display the absolute value of adding values in 2 service end point.


When a use a 'metrics' dashboard widget in a dashboard for a single service end point, i see that when the metric count cross a million, dashboard starts to display it a 0.1 M  or 12.1M and so on . I dont want appd to do this. I want to see a number displayed in 1000s.


example: 937,000,100


I was told that the dashboard widgets do this and there is no work around it.


I am was hoping if there is a work around for this in the service end point home page where I can create another service end point or any other meachanism that adds values of 2 other service end points and displays it in 1000s as is without million or billion round offs