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Call Graph JDBC captured for Get Pooled Connection From Datasource



In a Call Graph I see several entries for >200ms JDBC calls, where the decode at the bottom is "Get Pooled Connection From Datasource"


So I undertand this is getting a connection from the DataSource, but is there any distinction to determine if this time is just retrieving an idle connection from the pool or whether it is creating a new connection with the database (if there are no idle connections).


I know that we have not reached max pool size.


I am assuming that it is going back to the db, just becuase of the time, but I have no way to prove this.

Call Graph JDBC captured for Get Pooled Connection From Datasource
AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @Mark.Richards


Thank you for posting your query on the AppDynamics Community.


We request you to provide more details of your environment (Controller versions, Agents etc.) to help us investigate the issue more closely.

Radhika P

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It is at a client, they ares ending me the call graphs.

They are using the Java agent and the version is AppDynamics Version, build 18825