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WebLogic Managed Server Health Status

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WebLogic Managed Server Health Status

Hi Team, 


I was trying to set an alert from Appdynamics for WebLogic Managed Server Nodes.

The requirement is that the alert must be sent if any of the managed server nodes of WebLogic is in warning, failed, or shutdown state. However, I could not find any option to set it. Can you please confirm if any such option is there in Appdynamics?



Mohini Upasani

WebLogic Managed Server Health Status

Re: WebLogic Managed Server Health Status

Hi There


You can get the Health status through JMX configuration


I have attached config from our configuration, it falls under the JMX section called 



The getter chain is getState()


You can add this additional config to get the health status and view it via the Metric browser

It will show either 1 or 0, for healthy or not

You can then use this metric to build a health rule on





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