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Monitor application is running or not from appdynamics

New Member

Hi All,


Good Morning/Good Evening/Good Afternoon,


I have a requirement like, I am having one application running in PCF. I need to receive a mail notification whenever the application goes down. I am able to create policy and alerts in AppDynamics dashboard but the alerts are coming only when at the time of restarting the application and some specific scenarios. But I need something like AppDynamics should check the application in 10 to 15 minutes of time gaps and if the application is down it should send an email to me.


Can you someone please help me on how to setup this.


Your help is highly apricated.  



Siva Nandigam


Vaibhav Vir.Singh
Hi Siva,
Have you tried below configuration while setting up health rules? See if it helps.

Using Health Rule Conditions to evaluate agent availability metrics can result in false positives. For example:

Agents may not be connecting with controllers due to communication errors for a couple of minutes.
Data may be delayed for a couple of minutes due to latency issues.

You can avoid occasional 1-2 minute metric loss due to network issues or late arrival by configuring your Health Rule as follows:
Select Nodes for what the Health Rule affects. Tiers can be set, but more often we recommend setting Nodes.
Select Node Health - Hardware, JVM, CLR as the Type.
Use the last 5 minutes, with a wait time of 10 minutes.
Set your condition to be the Sum of < Specific Value of 3.
This will generate a violation when the agent is down for more than 2 minutes in the last 5 mins.

Thank you Vaibhav, it helped me as well.