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extracting a script


extracting a script

I need a Lua script file (OpenAppID) that can identify the ISO8583 sessions?
To be imported to Snort engine or firewall engine, Can Appd do this (extracting the script )?

extracting a script
AppDynamics Team

Re: extracting a script

Hi Hala,

AppDynamics does not use or generate Lua script files.

Does "ISO8583 sessions" relate to browser sessions initiated by Point Of Sale systems?

If so, what distinguishes a "ISO8583 session" from an non-POS session, and how would this be used in a Snort engine or firewall engine? Just trying to understand the use case.


Brian Wheeldon, Solution Engineer, NYC

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Re: extracting a script

Thank you so much I found what I was searching for. Your answer was really helpfull.