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Machine agent not reporting all containers infra details from the local server



Firstly, requirement is we want to monitor the docker containers present on the server, and we were tried aproch to istrument our machine agent inside each docker container, but by this aproch our docker image is going to heavy and our application performace may decrease beacause of this approch.

So, we had instrumented machine agent on docker container, which is present on that local server and that machine agent correctly working and also providing metrics for some containers but not for all containers, so can anyone help me to solve this issue.

we have take reffernce from the github repository(, but in our environment there are 40 containers and by this method it is monitoring only 9 containers so can anyone help me to solve this issue.


here you can see only 9 containers.Screenshot from 2024-01-11 12-32-19.png





AppDynamics Team

Hello @Dishant.Mokal ,

By default, the Machine Agent only monitors containers that have a running APM Agent. You can change this by setting the sim.docker.monitorAPMContainersOnly property on the Controller. See Controller Settings for Server Visibility.

That's why you are not seeing all the containers running on the docker host.

Doc ref:


If it is a SaaS controller you should raise a Support ticket to enable or disable the property so that we will work with our OPS team.


Best Regards,
Rajesh Ganapavarapu


Hello @Rajesh.Ganapavarapu,


Thanks for your reply it really help us,

To set the sim.docker.monitorAPMContainersOnly property as false, we have raised a ticket with the OPS team.

Once the issue is solve i will update here.


Thanks & Regards,


Community Manager

Hi @Dishant.Mokal,

Did you have any luck with finding a solution?


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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