End User Monitoring (EUM)
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EUM Synthetic Private Agent

This question is related to EUM and AppDynamics SaaS Controller environment (version 21.x).  Is there a EUM dashboard to show all the dedicated EUM Servers (private agents) one has?The Admin console provides an "AppDynamics Agents" view for App Serve...

Recording a session in RUM

Hi Team,   Can We record a user session in EUM like in dynatrace? And also what are the metrics we get around the Session?   Can Session duration be included in the session details along with the Wait/Think time so that we will come to know for how l...

Resolved! EUM cannot report fetch API with React SPA

I have a Single Page Application (SPA) written in React.The SPA is using fetch API instead of AJAX to communicate CORS endpoints. I am trying to add below EUM codes into my SPA, it is able to report the first page load time.However, it is not able to...

Alert configuration based on Volume II

Hi everyoneWhat is the best approach that involves minimal manual configuration involvement in these 2 scenarios with API upgrades?1) The volume of a new API is increased incrementally over a course of a week   causing the traffic of the previous dep...