End User Monitoring (EUM)
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ADRUM.Report failure callback

Is it possible to define a failure callback function for the ADRUM.Report method?   Sometimes, the ADRUM.Report method might fail, for e.g. if the machine doesn't have access to outside network or to EUM cloud. So, it can't send the beacon data to be...

Using ADRUM in a Web Worker

is it safe to use the ADRUM methods in a web worker ?   Since web workers can't reference DOM, is it safe to use the following code for Creating the virtual pages and Reporting the data to the EUM cloud inside of a web worker?   var vPageView = new A...

Resolved! Stack Trace for JavaScript Error

Is it possible to see the strack trace in case of Javascript Errors in EUM ?   I can see the details of Error like Script Origin, Line No. and Message. But can't find the stack Trace information in the AppDynamics Portal. The stack Trace can provide ...