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manual tracking of errors

Hello,  I am trying to send custom error into AD from the web page .. how should I do that? more precisely, where should such error appear?   we have both javascript and ajax error tracking enabled and we're tracking only the virtual pages (no tracki...


hi, i want to instrument a web page. the docs shows step by step for normal html pages. the application under test is using xhtml ones. kindly guide me on how to iject adrum.js in this case

Resolved! tracking virtual pages - work with VPageView

Hi, I'd like to clarify expected use cases, how we should work with VPageView tracker object for transition between 2 virtual pages: according to the example down here, the use case could be:   instantiate object:  var tracker = ADRUM.events.VPageVie...

Resolved! custom metric?

Hi,  is there support for custom metrics for EUM? I've found only documentation for server-side custom metrics ..   I am looking for something similar to custom variables in Google Analytics ..    thanks! J.

Using Browser RUM for Custom events

I noticed here  https://docs.appdynamics.com/display/PRO42/Alert+and+Respond+API#AlertandRespondAPI-CreateaCustomEvent   that it is possible at least for server application monitoring to have custom events sent.     I am more interested in using Brow...

Resolved! error from adrum_latest.js

Hi,  I am trying to set up proper virtualPage tracking .. and I have some questions :)   according to this documentation, new page object should be created as:   ADRUM.events.VPageView({url:"anything"}); but it fails:   ADRUM.events.VPageView({url:"a...

Resolved! publish EUM agent in npm

Hi,  I've seen you have exposed agent in npm for server-side node.js applications, which is great https://www.npmjs.com/package/appdynamics   would it make sense to do the same with 'client side' agent? eg this one: https://cdn.appdynamics.com/adrum/...