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Add User Data - Event fired during not on Virtual page creation.


As per the documentation here it describes that The user Data for virtual page can be added when the virtual page is created  and the function  window['adrum-config'].userEventInfo.VPageView is triggered when the virtual page is created. However, the function seems to be firing when the method is called. Also, the function utilizes the setTimeout with zero values which makes it difficult to use on synchronous actions. Could you please confirm the right behavior?


Add User Data

User data is added when certain events are triggered. You can choose to set user data for each or all of the following available events:

  • PageView - this event is triggered when the base page is loaded in the browser.
  • Ajax - this event is triggered when an Ajax call is made.
  • VPageView - this event is triggered when the virtual page is created. The virtual page is a dynamically recreated version of the base page."





AppDynamics Team


Before we can confirm the correct behaviour on this, can you please share a HAR file captured from your instrumented page where you have added the user data stuff.



Mohammed Rayan

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i had opened a support ticket for this issue.

Also, ADRUM.Report method calls the GetUser Data method with setTimeout with zero value which pushes the execution of the method to the next Event Loop which can be problematic in cases where we need to clear the UserData immediately after calling the ADRUM.Report method.