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Using Browser RUM for Custom events

New Poster

I noticed here


that it is possible at least for server application monitoring to have custom events sent.  


I am more interested in using Browser RUM for end user monitoring.  I realize it using Angular to a degree to record page views and I want that but I also want a way to record custom events so I can know what buttons they clicked or other related events.


Is this possible?


Also, would it be possible to host the Browser RUM script on NPM.  The node JS one is hosted here:


I figured the other would be there as well but couldn't find it.




AppDynamics Team


We can customise the JS agent for some scenarios and hence can you check the below link to see if this is what you are looking after.



Also,The JS agent is not available as a npm package at the moment but there has been asks  and Dev team are working on it. No fix Version for this one yet.


Hope this helps



Mohammed Rayan

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