End User Monitoring (EUM)

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How to start android agent from android library?


I tried use AppDynamics in android library. But run time exception at "Instrumentation.start(builder.build());".


build.gradle (Android library)
implementation 'com.appdynamics:appdynamics-runtime:5.1.1478'


Android code:
AgentConfiguration.Builder builder=AgentConfiguration.builder()



Runtime Exception:
"Unable to start AppDynamics' android agent. Your application doesn't seem to be instrumented by AppDynamics's compile time instrumentation. Please ensure that you have configured your build system (ant/gradle/maven) to run AppDynamics' instrumentation. For more information please consult the documentation. Internal Exception: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of: Lcom/appdynamics/eumagent/runtime/BuildInfo;"

How to solve this run time exception?

How to start android agent from android library?