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How can we monitor our SinglePage Java application with End User Monitoring


Hi All,


we are trying to get AppD End User Monitoring enabled for our Single page Application. It is GuideWire's ClaimCenter application, it is build in gosu ( subset of java ) we are not using angular at all. 


Has anyone ever used AppD End User Monitoring with GuideWire ClaimCentre before? 


AppDynamics Team

Hi Mahmood,

You can use our JavaScript  Agent API for non-angular SPA framework.

Please take a look at the below doc.



Mohammed Rayan

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Thanks for the reply,


So if we want to monitor the applicaiton we will have to implement all of the javascript which was in the link which you sent to me? 


Is there no other way of doing it? the problem with that approach is that the application that i am trying to monitor is built from Java with a single master template which has no content in there apart from iFrame place holders for where the rest of content is meant to go.


If i was to implement what you sent to me i would have to implement it in about 500 places. i.e each of the views. Also we are limited in which views we are allowed to change so thats not really an option.


Just want to check if you had any updates further on this one.  we are trying the same thing now but not able to achieve it. So if you have found a way can you please share?