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EUM can not start up


EUM can not start up

Dear all

i have a problem in starting up EUM, for log detail please refer to the attachment

and the log is :


java.lang.RuntimeException: failed to update Analytics events. Please see log for details of errors!
| at com.appdynamics.eum.processor.EUMProcessorServerApplication.syncEumAccountsToAnalyticsAccounts(EUMProcessorServerApplication.java:287)
| at com.appdynamics.eum.processor.EUMProcessorServerApplication.run(EUMProcessorServerApplication.java:210)
| at com.appdynamics.eum.processor.EUMProcessorServerApplication.run(EUMProcessorServerApplication.java:144)

EUM can not start up
AppDynamics Team

Re: EUM can not start up


The log is complaining about your analytics/events-service not in a good state and hence eum is unable to sync up with the events-service and its failing to startup.


You need to fix the events-service shard issue


Log snippet:


6 Oct 2017 20:39:27.755 +0700  main                  AD.BulkUpdateAPICaller     ERROR   Failed to update for all accounts event type [BrowserRecord], url [http://appdynamicspoc3:9090/v3/events/BrowserRecord/_bulk?timeout=3600000], key [YWQzMm...], status code [500]
26 Oct 2017 20:39:27.756 +0700  main                  AD.BulkUpdateAPICaller     ERROR   {"statusCode":500,"code":"Unexpected.Exception","message":"UnavailableShardsException[[async_executor_status][0] [1] shardIt, [0] active : Timeout waiting for [1m], request: indices:data/write/update]","developerMessage":"com.appdynamics.analytics.shared.rest.exceptions.JobException: UnavailableShardsException[[async_executor_status][0] [1] shardIt, [0] active : Timeout waiting for [1m], request: indices:data/write/update]\n\tat com.appdynamics.analytics.processor.event.asyncjob.AsynchronousEventTypeUpdateService.updateJobIndex(AsynchronousEventTypeUpdateService.java:180)\n\tat com.appdynamics.analytics.processor.event.asyncjob.AsyncJob.updateJobStatus(AsyncJob.java:105)\n\tat com.appdynamics.analytics.processor.event.asyncjob.AsyncJob.updateJobStatus(AsyncJob.java:95)\n\tat 

Take a look at the below KB article which talks about a similar issue





Mohammed Rayan



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