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IBM Integration Bus Agent - Unable to view transaction sub flows




I have installed the IIB agent on my server and am able to view the high level flows in the transaction. However, some of the flows, calls other sub-flows in the transaction which are not being reported thorugh the IIB Agent.

These sub flows processes most of the business logic and it is imperative to have the data associated with these sub flows.


Is there a way through which the sub flows in the system can be viewed ?










AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @Himanshu.Sarda,


Thank you for posting your query on the AppDynamics Community.


Regarding sub-flows, they should ideally be part of the flow that the agent is on. Each node in the sub-flow should appear in the BT tree view as `SubFlowNodeName.NodeName`. For example, if a sub-flow is named `HandleLogging` and the nodes in the flow are WriteToFile-> Compute, then the nodes will appear on BT tree view and snapshots as `HandleLogging.WriteToFile` and `HandleLogging.Compute`.


Please verify again, and if you the problem is persistent, we probably need trace logs, version info, and a dump of the flow to see if there is a node type we don’t yet handle. In this case, you need to open a support ticket with this information.


Let us know how it goes.

Hi Radhika,


We do not see all the sub flows as per the code. Not every sub flow is appearing in the BT View we can see only the high level flows not the sub flows. I have attached a screenshot of the Tree View where we are expecting the sub flows to be visible.


Can you please let me know if adding  <iib-agent-expand-subflows>1</iib-agent-expand-subflows>  in the controller-info.xml might help to expand the flow ?


IIB Agent Version : 4.5.1


Thanks and Regards,


With the latest IIB agent 4.5.2, we were able to see the sub flows. Hence, resolving this ticket.